Teach them to your children,
talking about them when you
sit at home and when you
walk along the road,
when you lie down
and when you get up.

Deuteronomy 11:19

Grace Way Curriculum

Content Areas | Grace Way lesson plans consider the eight content areas that parallel the dimensions of school readiness: Approaches to Learning, Social & Emotional Development, Physical Development, Language & Literacy, Mathematics, Creative Arts, Science &Technology, Social Studies. Spiritual Growth is an added focus in Grace Way.

Lesson Plans | Grace Way’s custom-designed lessons use important Bible stories as the thematic foundation for each lesson series. Our director and preschool teachers use their training in High Scope learning to arrange their rooms and prepare lessons to coincide with the children’s interest in the weekly theme. All the classrooms share a common weekly theme and Bible lesson, with weekly chapel led by our Pastor or Staff Minister reinforcing the Bible lesson. Teachers communicate their daily lesson plans and activities to parents so they can talk with their child about their experience during the day.

Assessment | Each child has an assessment portfolio that grows with them so you can monitor your child’s development. Teachers use age-appropriate High Scope Key Development Indicators (KDI’s) to evaluate your child’s progress and review the results with the parents.

Children are not only deeply loved at Grace, but they also receive a well-thought-out early childhood education that prepares them for kindergarten and beyond. That’s the Grace way.