Children are a heritage
from the Lord,
offspring a reward
from him.

Psalm 127:3

Parents love their children
well by teaching them to
love wisdom, hate wickedness,
and find rest in the finished
work of the Lord Jesus.

Martin Luther

A Licensed Program

Grace Lutheran Church is fully licensed by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE). It undergoes a compliance review and a fire marshal inspection annually and a sanitation department inspection ever six months. All our staff members undergo a background check and are medically cleared for child care employment. Visit the DCDEE website to learn about the North Carolina safety and education guidelines which Grace meets or exceeds. We are proud to partner with the DCDEE to provide the best care possible. Grace is a safe and secure place where your child is loved.

It’s a Ministry

Grace isn’t a child care business. It’s a child care ministry. We see your child as a precious gift of God for whom Christ died and not just a name on an enrollment roster or a number in a budget. Our child care ministry helps young children with five important areas of development:

  1. Academics | Your child gets an early start on learning and applying foundational facts and concepts that will help them excel in kindergarten and beyond.
  2. Relationships | Your child experiences opportunities to develop friendships, share with others and resolve conflicts. They learn how to be a friend and practice repentance and forgiveness with their teachers and classmates.
  3. Emotions | Your child communicates what is in their heart and learns appropriate responses to their feelings. Teachers model how to talk about their emotions with the Lord in prayer and address them with Biblical truths.
  4. Physical Abilities | Your child practices fine motor skills and daily functions in the classroom and exercises their gross motor skills on the playground through planned activities as well as free play.
  5. Love for Jesus | Jesus is part of every day and everything we do. Bible stories are the foundation of our curriculum. Our primary goal is to ensure your child knows the Savior well and that their lives are impacted by Him now, in the years ahead, and into eternity.