ECHO: Unbroken Truth. Worth Repeating. Again. 

by Jonathan Fisk

Christianity is not the ability to memorize or recite from books of Scripture or doctrine. It is not magic. It is not a social club, counseling group, or self-help support group. It does not promise that you will be healthy, wealthy, wise, or even happy.

Christianity is a truth- a truth first heard at the beginning of time that has echoed to this present age. A truth so profound that no man can master it, yet even a child can learn it.

This book introduces its readers to that truth. It lays out that truth as simply as a child counts to ten on his or her fingers. Yet in training to hear the Echo, the reader will come to understand that the wisdom gained is bottomless.

This book teaches nothing less than the distilled, unbreakable Christian Echo, the very thing that has radically changed humanity in every nation and tongue in which it has ever been repeated. It is the most astoundingly complete description of what life is and why it is worth living. And it’s worth repeating. Again.

Soft Cover, 326 pages