Quick to Listen: Understand Views That Challenge Your Faith

Throughout their faith journeys, every Christian encounters lifestyles and outlooks that test and even defy their trust in Jesus Christ. Your instincts may tell you to refute these opposing viewpoints with clever arguments and witty retorts. Unfortunately, these responses can push others away. Worse, they may not clearly reflect the loving attitude of Christ.

Quick to Listen will help you lend a caring ear to those who hold these beliefs. This eye-opening tool helps you build relationships with evolutionists, atheists, Bible skeptics, and friends and members of the LGBTQ community based on genuine Christian compassion. Whether they continue to attend church or give no time to Christ, Quick to Listen equips you to acknowledge and understand their experiences and perspectives. Christian insights follow the accounts of these challenging experiences and perspectives and point you straight to the Bible to affirm and clarify your faith.

The scripture shared in Quick to Listen will then fill you up with the love, empathy, and understanding you need to reach out with the Word and share “the reason for the hope you have . . . with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

Soft Cover, 274 pages