Look Up from Your Phone So I Can Love You

Sometimes I think you spend too much time on your phone.”

“It’s not a big deal. When I’m on my phone, I’m just talking with my friends.”

If this exchange sounds familiar, you may be looking for a gospel-driven way for your family to reconnect in the age of smartphones and other ever-present technologies.

Look Up From Your Phone So I Can Love You is an interactive journal that helps parents communicate with their grade school and high school children about balancing and moderating their smartphone use. While texting, video chatting, and other social medias have their uses, all this screen time can get in the way of genuine connection.

Look Up From Your Phone contains detailed devotional prompts that ask parents and children alike to consider their use of technology and the health of their relationships. Through this reflection, you and your family will gain an appreciation for the opportunities God has given you all to be together.

Soft Cover, 182 pages