Growing Opportunities

Growing Opportunities
Sunday School & Bible Study
Sunday School is the primary tool Grace uses to teach children and adults the history of their salvation. The "Christ Light" curriculum from Northwestern Publishing House is used for the children. Click here to learn more about Sunday School. 

Bible Basics Class
Bible Basics Class is a 17 week course that covers the essential teachings of Scripture. This course is required for new members at Grace. Click here to learn more about the course and to register for it.

Small Group Bible Studies
Small groups gather in a variety of Charlotte locations and study and wide range of topics. Groups typically number 8-12 people. Speak with our pastor if you would like to join one or start a new one in your area!

Confirmation Class
Confirmation Class is a two-year course, typically for grades 7-8, which covers the key teachings of the Bible according to Luther's Small Catechism. Click here to learn more about this course!

Mornings with Mommy
Mornings with Mommy is a monthly educational playdate for moms and young children. The activity takes place on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Click here to learn more!