Grace in Action Teams

Grace in Action Teams

How Can YOU Serve?

Grace in Action Teams work together to accomplish the work of the congregation.  As the old saying goes, "Many hands make light work."  Please consider how you can serve your Savior at Grace and contact the church office to volunteer.
Worship Team.  This team works to prepare the church for worship. This includes responsibilities such as preparing communion, changing paraments, hanging banners, managing altar supplies, and decorating for the holidays.  

Education Team. This team works to review and improve the educational opportunties offered to children at Grace. This includes Sunday School, Vacation Bible Schools, Youth Group, and our child care center.  

Fellowship Team. This team works to encourage Christian friendships at Grace by planning regular activities, arranging celebration of special events (baby showers, wedding showers, Christmas, etc.), Secret Sister, Mother-Daughter Banquet, and, of course, potluck meals!  

Evangelism Team. This team works to get the word out about our Savior and about Grace. They organize mailings and flyers, canvas teams, witness training, prison ministry, visitor follow-up, prospect contacts, and community service activities.

Faith Builders Team. This team works to encourage and support members of Grace with prayer and action. Their responsibilities include the prayer chain, greeting cards, personal visitiation, tending to families with special needs or circumstances as well as those away from the congregation serving in the military or attending college.

Stewardship Team. This team strives to welcome new members to the congregation by helping them connect to a ministry. They assesmble and deliver new member welcome packets, track talent surveys and regularly encourage members to utilize their talents and volunteer some of their time to the congregation. 

Finance Team. This team monitors the financial health of the congregation and makes recommendations regarding the budget and planning efforts. Members with financial expertise are always welcome to join the team.  

Property Team. The property team works to complete necessary repairs and improvements to the church, child care and parsonage. Making arrangements for clean-up, painting, lawn care, landscaping and light carpentry work is always on the to-do list. Grace is always in need of members who are handy with tools. 

Technology Team. This team ensures that items such as the computers, projector, sound system, and copier are all in working order and serving our needs. They also make sure the website and Facebook page is maintained and kept up-to-date. 

Called Worker Support Team. Grace is blessed to have mutiple called workers serving the congregation and the community. This team offers encouragement, support and appreciation to the staff to ensure they feel loved by the congregation. 

Ready to serve?  Contact us today to volunteer!