Our History

Our History
Three families began meeting in September 1979. The WELS Board for Home Missions granted the group support and the name “Grace Lutheran Church” was chosen by the founding members.  Grace’s first public worship service was held on November 2nd, 1980 at the Harris YMCA in Charlotte.  Pastor Jon Guenther was called as Grace’s first full-time pastor in February 1981 and regular Sunday morning worship & Sunday School classes began shortly after. In 1982, Grace became an incorporated congregation, the first church council was formed and the congregation received land search authority from the WELS.  Grace purchased 3.87 acres in 1984 and architectural plans were approved that year. The initial building was completed and the first service took place in September 1985 with 90 people in attendance. In 1995, with 127 souls in membership, Grace became a self-supporting congregation and no longer received financial support from the WELS. Grace added a new sanctuary in 2000, as well as a pastor’s office, 5 classrooms, a kitchen and storage space. The child care center opened in 2002 and serves children from infancy through age 4. Grace has been blessed to serve the south Charlotte community with the Gospel since 1980 and, God-willing, will continue for years to come. 
Pastors Who Have Served Grace
1981-1991    Rev. Jon Guenther
1991-1998    Rev. Mark Gartner
1998-2008    Rev. Tadd Fellers
2008-2016    Rev. Michael Gehl
2016-            Rev. James Douglas